AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION ACCREDITED CPR CLASSES FOR: Organizations, Companies and Individuals In the Greater Charlotte, NC region Phone: 704.995.9827 Email:
AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATIONACCREDITED CPR CLASSES FOR:Organizations, Companies and IndividualsIn the Greater Charlotte, NC region Phone: 704.995.9827   Email:

Are you prepared?

"The day I brought my son Andrew home from the hospital, I found him blue and unresponsive with no pulse!! I immediately performed CPR and within minutes revived him. We took him back to the hospital where he was admitted, tested and treated and finally sent home on a heart and breathing monitor which he wore for 3 months. Without my knowledge of CPR, my son  would not be here.


Vilma M. Kuttner, R.N.

American Heart Association BLS Instructor


Save A Life CPR


The difference between doing something and doing nothing

                               can save a life.


Safety training is your best insurance so you can protect the health of your business, colleagues, family, friends, and community.


Course Benefits


     * Meets OSHA Requirements

     * Meets adoption Requirements

     * Long Term Corporate Contracts

     * Course is accredited

     * National recognized ( American Heart Association Certification )

     * Full service training provided at your location. We come to your location

     * Some companies may be eligible to lower their insurance premiums


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